Design principles.


\\ Mentorship & Leadership \\
Be generous with your time, words, and energy.
Invest in those around you. Your team is valuable. So are their ideas, dreams, and ambitions. Cultivate and prioritize both team and individual growth through goals and objectives. Foster a safe environment that allows for collaboration, exploration, questions, learning, opportunity, and innovation.  Be an active leader. Seek out new opportunities for your team. Together, find ways to both celebrate wins and work through losses. 

\\ Cultivate Curiosity \\
Instill a healthy level of curiosity in your craft. Learn from those around you. Invite multiple perspectives and continuously seek out feedback to improve. Never stop asking questions, learning, or being open to opportunities. Find internal and external sources of inspiration to draw from. Find ways to cultivate curiosity and stay hungry constantly. 

\\ Be an advocate \\
Know who you are designing for and design accordingly. Both small and large design decisions hold great power - and can sway how users feel about that product and even your company. Prioritize, empathize, and advocate for the best experience for your user. 

\\ Prioritize collaboration \\
Design is not a solo sport. It takes teamwork. Collaborate with other designers, teams, and partners to broaden and strengthen your point of view. Bring in the people who need to be part of the process as early as possible. Open lines of communication, and help establish relationships to build better, stronger, and more effective solutions that benefit the end user. 

\\ Deepen understanding \\
Have a deep and intimate familiarity with both the craft and the tools. Understanding the tools and limitations of your team and partners improves communication, efficiency, and empathy. Find balance in pushing the box and understanding feasibility. 

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